Heart of mine


The episode opens with Liz twirling down the bowling lanes in her prom dress and socks

LIZ It's April 27th. I'm Liz Parker and I think I've figured out why I haven't written in this journal in nearly a year.

The scene changes to her balcony and we see Liz writing in her journal.

LIZ It's just ironic that I would figure something out really deep from like the least deep guy in America.

The scene changes to a restaurant where Liz and Sean are sitting at a table. Sean is regaling her with a polar bear joke, throwing fries up in the air to catch in his mouth while she just watches him with a slight smile on her face. Then we see them sitting inside his VW bug outside of the Crashdown Cafe. They look at each other. Sean clears his throat.

SEAN You wanna go bowling?

LIZ Um, uh, I think that the alley is closed.

SEAN To the public.


SEAN I have access.

LIZ Well, yeah, but it's a weeknight so I probably shouldn't. You know... commit a felony.

SEAN he gives a small chuckle Yeah, that's cool, maybe some other time.

LIZ Look Sean, you know despite what people say, I think you're a really nice guy.

SEAN There's something about you Liz.

LIZ What??

SEAN I've just always thought there was something about you, you know. Something special.

LIZ Thank you Sean, thanks, a lot. Uh, good... good night Sean.

SEAN Good night Liz.

Sean leans over and kisses her, she kisses back but breaks it off first, then looks away, looking upset.


The scene opens in the school bathroom, Liz sitting on the counter, Maria is reflected in the mirror.

LIZ No. One minute I was letting him down easy and the next minute he was kissing me, what was I supposed to do?

MARIA I don' know, a swift kick to the huevos comes to mind. LIZ You know what the most annoying part of all of this is? I can't stop thinking what Max would think. I mean why? Right? We're not even together. God, I have spent two years of my life involved in this thing with Max and I don't even have a date for the prom. And now I feel guilty. Why... why should I feel guilty?

MARIA Oh you shouldn't feel guilty, it was a non kiss, it's not like you would kiss Sean back. Right? Big pause while they look at each other, then the truth dawns on Maria Eww! I'm gonna be sick!

Scene switches to Max and Michael entering the school.

MICHAEL So you actually remember our planet?

MAX Yes!

MICHAEL What are the chicks like?

MAX If you're not going to take this seriously...

MICHAEL I seriously wanna know what the chicks are like.

MAX It's not that literal, they're just these images. In one way I have this, this really clear feeling about everything. In another way everything seems so ephemeral. You know, uh...

MICHAEL ... transient, fleeting, impermanent, I know what ephemeral means Maxwell. It's my life.

MAX Michael, I remember everyone. You, Isabel...

He looks up and sees Tess walking and laughing with Kyle

MAX For some reason Tess is the clearest.

Scene changes to two couples sitting at a table in what appears to be the library. Their conversation catches Isabels attention, who is standing a short distance away reading a book.

THE GUY Um, Allie,um I know we've been friends for a long time and I, I wouldn't want to do anything to risk that. But I'm just, I'm just starting to feel like we're more than just, than just friends. Ya know?

ALLIE You are?

THE GUY Uh, yeah, anyway, i was just wondering if you wanted to go with me to the prom?

ALLIE Of course! I can't wait to get a dress...

Isabel smiles wistfully, happy for the couple.

Scene changes to Maria and Michael looking at a poster for Prom.

MICHAEL Just kill me now. I don't do proms. I don't believe in them.

MARIA You don't believe in them?!

MICHAEL The whole thing is totally bogus. It's completely unnatural.

MARIA You know what? I, I find it to be really unnatural that you're half alien warrior and half Grandpa Dupree! But I make do.

MICHAEL I knew you were going to make this thing into a whole issue.

MARIA Oh my God! This is potentially one of the five greatest nights of my life! And if you're not going to do your part in providing that for me, then I'm just gonna, I'm gonna seek other options. It's what I'm gonna do.

MICHAEL So what are you saying, that we're seeing other people?

MARIA Oh my God, you are so annoying!

MICHAEL Fine then we're seeing other people.


He turns and walks away.

The scene changes to Kyle sitting down, reading one of his Buddha books. Malamoot sits down next to him

MALAMOOT pats Kyle on the shoulder Valenti

KYLE Kyle gives a deep sigh, looks at him Malamoot

MALAMOOT You still reading this Hinduism crap?

KYLE It's Buddhism. And if you're asking about my spiritual journey, I'm touched.

MALAMOOT Well, no, actually, I was wondering if it's gonna help you get into Tess Hardings pants.

KYLE Right

MALAMOOT No, I'm serious man. How long are you going to let that blonde little hottie live under your roof, before you make your move?

Scene changes to Liz, outside at a table, writing. Max walks up.


LIZ Oh, hey.

MAX There's a, there's something I've been wanting to tell you.


off to the side we see a couple hug in excitement, obviously more coupling for the prom going on

LIZ the prom

MAX yeah

LIZ yeah, it seems like Michael and Maria aren't going.

MAX Well, I, I think that one might be a little too early to call.

LIZ It's really weird. You know... A year ago I was so certain that the four of us would go together. I always picture that moment, you know, walking in through those double doors together. I even bought a dress.

MAX You did?

LIZ Yeah. Well, you know it was around that time last year when we first kissed and everything seeemed so...


LIZ Yeah. Max, I know that we're not seeing each other and I accept that, I do. But, um, this is my prom, you know, it really means a lot to me. I, I've put a lot of thought into it.

MAX Well, you know, we can go.

LIZ We can?

MAX Yeah, I mean, okay, fine, we're not together, but we're also not with anyone else.

LIZ Right. I, I mean it doesn't have to be some life changing thing. It can just... you know we can just go and have a good time.

MAX I would love that.

LIZ Me too. Oh, um, so was there something that you wanted to tell me.

MAX Right, I'm starting to remember things. About my planet, my life, my other life.

LIZ Wow.

MAX Yeah, yeah, it's, it's weird, like, for the first time I can remember things. You know, like what it smelled like. What it felt like to be there.

LIZ Yeah, that, that's great.

MAX Yeah, I've been dying to tell you.

LIZ Yeah, yeah, that, that, that must be really exciting. Wow, so um, do you remember like actual people, you know, like Michael and Isabel?

MAX Yeah, more like their energy than what anyone actually looks like.

LIZ Right, what about Tess?

MAX Yeah, I remember her too.

LIZ That's great.

Scene opens to Liz running down the sidewalk, trying to catch the bus, that's just left without her.

LIZ Wait, wait, wait, wait! Driver! Driver please wait! she slows down Damn

Meanwhile, Sean has pulled up in his green VW bug.

SEAN Need a ride?

LIZ No, I'm fine.

SEAN Parker, about the other night... look I, I totally misread my cards. All right? I thought I caught a vibe.

LIZ Well, you didn't.

SEAN Come on, let me.. there's not going to be another bus for half hour. Let me give you a ride to school. Consider it my apology.

She accepts and they pull up to the curb near school

LIZ Why, why are you stopping? The school's 2 blocks ahead.

SEAN This is as far as I can go. From a legal point of view.

LIZ What? Are you kidding?

SEAN Uh, it's a condition of my probation. You know, like I'm not allowed to be within a thousand feet of the school. But um, if you want a ride home I could uh, I could wait for ya.

LIZ No I just, I think I'm gonna have to take the bus.

SEAN Right.

LIZ Okay.

SEAN Hey...

LIZ hmmm?

SEAN Listen, about the other night, um... I, I know it was a mistake what I did, okay? But I, I just wanted to say that when, when we kissed, it was um, it was the first time that I ever felt at home, in this town. So...

LIZ Look, Sean, I'm, I'm going to the prom with Max.

SEAN Oh, well, you should've just told me you guys were back together. I mean, I don't feed off another man's taco platter, so...

LIZ No, well, we're not back together, we're just going to the prom.

SEAN Right.

LIZ mm hmm

SEAN Hey, my hat's off to the guy.

LIZ What is that suppose to mean?

SEAN Nothing, just uh, you know, nice operation he's got going...

LIZAn operation?

SEAN Yeah, I mean, you know, he's free to play the field and yet he's keeping you off the market.

LIZ That's not what's happening Sean. You have no idea who Max is okay? Because if you knew him you would know that he is above and beyond that way of thinking. He is an incredibly, incredibly honorable guy.

Scene changes to Michael at his locker and Maria approaches him.

MARIA So, missed your shift last night.

MICHAEL Alien business.

MARIA Well, we're both off tonight so I'm willing to let you take me to dinner and a movie so you can make up for your assinine comments yesterday. Which um, by the way, I think it's very big of me.

MICHAEL I can't make it tonight.

MARIA You can't make it?

MICHAEL Naw, I got plans.

He walks away and leaves her standing alone.

The scene changes to the library where Isabel is sitting at a table with Alex.

ISABEL So I think Billy Sorian is going to ask me to prom.

ALEX Billy, huh? Are you sure? Cuz I heard he was taking Amy Green.

ISABEL Well, the point is, I would've said no.


ISABEL What about you Alex? Anyone special?

ALEX Not right now.

ISABEL Really? Maybe someone special, from your past, who's ready now and before she wasn't.

ALEX Isabel, it would be my dream to take you to prom.

Isabel smiles

ALEX But then we'd wake up the next morning and you'd be onto the next thing and I'd be right back where I was before Sweden. You know, obssessed, pathetic and lovesick. So, I think, amazingly, my answer is no. I'm not going to take you to prom. Okay.

Isabel appears uncomfortable and upset.

Scene changes to Tess's room, Kyle knocks to come in.

TESS Oh Kyle, hey.


TESS What's up?

KYLE Last year, I went to the prom with Trudy MacIntire.

TESS Oh Trudy, she's cute.

KYLE Yeah, and so we went, and everything was okay, but I didn't really know her, ah, so we didn't really have much to talk about, much to say to each other. And so I realized that I feel like I really know you. Which is unusual for me with girls and uh, anyway, I just... feel free to say no, or laugh or be outraged or whatever, but would you... want to go to the prom? You know, with me?

TESS You know, I'd really like that Kyle.


TESSThank you.

Scene changes to Liz and Maria breaking into Michaels apartment with a credit card.

LIZ I can't believe that we're breaking into Michael's apartment.

MARIA Believe it.

LIZ I just know that we're going to regret this.

MARIA Well, yeah, if we don't find any evidence.

LIZ Of what??

MARIA That he's seeing someone else! Hello!

LIZ This whole thing came up yesterday. How could he already have another girlfriend?

MARIA That's exactly my point Liz. He obviously already had this bimbo on the side and was just looking for an excuse to break up with me, ya know?

LIZ No, I just think that you are overreacting.

Maria finds a tablet and scribbles on it with a pencil until the name and address of a girl named Juanita shows up. She shows it to Liz.


MARIA Bastard!

We see a house being watched through the perspective of binoculars and find that Maria and Liz are watching this Juanita's house.

LIZ I cannot believe that Michael is seeing another woman, I just, I won't. I...

MARIA Snap out of it sister! Juanita! Maria points to her house. Homewrecker!

LIZ I can't believe what is going on with you and Michael and me and Max.

MARIA Liz, what are you talking about? You and Max are going to prom.

LIZ I don't know, I just feel Max and I going in two different directions, like, it's like we're not able to just separate?

In the window we see a woman and Michael coming up to hold her

LIZ Makes you realize how, like, easy things change. Because people meet other people. I could meet another guy. Or Max could meet another girl, and...

MARIA Or Michael could meet another woman.

Scene changes to Max's bedroom. He and Tess are both sitting on the bed facing each other.

TESS Okay, just think about everything that you remember. What did it look like? Feel like? Smell like? You're not concentrating.

MAXYes I am.

TESS Something's getting in your way. What's going on with you?

MAX Actually there is something I should probably tell you. Liz and I are going to the prom.

TESS So? Max, I, I don't care about that stuff. That's not what's important here. This is what's imortant and we can do it. Let's try again.

Scene changes to outside, Liz and Marie are in the car, just after having seen Michael with another woman.

MARIA I'm okay, I'm okay.

LIZ Okay

MARIA Maria loses it, crying, hitting the steering wheel Why?! Why?! Why, why?! I just don't understand, I wish, I wish that I hadn't seen that, I wish that I hadn't figured it out, I wish...

LIZ Maria, we don't know for sure that anything happened. You know we could be reading into this whole thing.

MARIA That's why you have to go and ask Max.

LIZ No, Maria, I do not think that's such a good idea.

MARIA Please!

Scene switches to Max's bedroom again. Max and Tess are holding hands still on the bed, facing each other, there's a lot of candle light going on.

TESS I see you. You're swimming on your back. The water's much thicker than the water here on Earth. Heavier. It's not quite liquid but not quite solid. As you swim through it, the water reforms around your body and it feels like you're swimming in...

MAX Jello. I remember. I remember it. I remember the water.

Liz is approaching Max's house as his memories start to return.

MAX Oh my God, you did it. You made me remember.

Max hugs Tess, they're both smiling. That's when Liz gets to his window, looks in and sees them, she walks away.

Next scene, Liz is walking down the sidewalks of Roswell, past the Crashdown Cafe. She looks upset. She sees Sean.

LIZ You are like ubiquitous.

SEAN I think I might've figured something out about you, Parker.

LIZ You know what? I'm not interested!

SEAN It might fix your problem.

LIZ Who says that I had a problem?!

SEAN Well, look at you. You look like you're about to puke, at the very least.

LIZ Hey, do you know what? I do not need this right now, okay? I do not want to hear any more of your stupid, inane comments. I do not want to hear any more of your little theories on life. And I do not wanna write my frickin name in mustard okay? My life is falling apart!

SEAN You wanna go somewhere?

LIZ Yes.

Scene changes to the bowling alley, Liz is picking up a bowling ball, while Sean coaches her from the seat.

SEAN Okay, step, step, step, bend, roll, follow through.

Liz rolls a gutter ball.

LIZ I suck.

SEAN No, that was, that was definitely an improvement. You wanna split a beer with me?

LIZ No...

SEAN Don't even finish the sentence. Here, um, here's a coke.

LIZ Thank you.

SEAN So um, can I tell you my theory?

LIZ Can I stop you?

Sean chuckles

SEAN You and I are, are really different people.

LIZ That's your theory.

SEAN But the thing is, that if we're so different then why do I feel so much every time I look at you? I mean it's not completely one sided is it? This town. Every body's always looking at me, like... there's Sean, just got back from juvie. What's crazy Sean gonna do next? And that's what I figured out about you. You're not that different. I mean this whole arrangement you have with Max, it's like you're not together but you're not apart. I mean I bet you can't even talk to me without wondering what Max is gonna think about it. But meanwhile, you're not getting what you need from him, are you? You're suffocating Liz. We both are.

They both just look at each other, there's an akward moment, Liz bends down, picks up a ball and bowls a strike. She turns around,excited.

LIZ Oh my God! How was that?

SEAN Nice roll Parker, you're a real prospect.

LIZ Thank you.

Sean takes off his shoes.

LIZ What are you doing?

SEAN Lane walking.

LIZ Yeah, what's that?

SEAN There's this thing I used to do when I worked here, see.... what the average American doesn't realize is that every lane in a bowling alley has about a million coats of oil on it, so, if you're wearing just socks, you can kind of slide forever. It's kind of free. Wanna try it?

LIZ Maybe next time.

SEAN I'm gonna count on that.

Sean takes off running down the lane and slides in his socks.

SEAN Woooo!

Sean turns around and looks at Liz, smiling. She smiles back.

The scene switches back to Max's bedroom. He and Tess are still sitting together on his bed.

TESS What else do you remember?

MAX Three moons, burnt orange, no clouds, very surreal, like a painting.

TESS What else?

MAX I need a break.

Max gets up off the bed.

TESS It takes time. You know, every thing's blurry at first, but eventually, the images just get clearer and clearer.

MAX How clear are your memories?

TESS Most are still blurry, but a few, a few are clearer and more real to me than anything here in this world.

MAX Do you remember me?

TESS Yeah.

MAX What was I like?

TESS I remember when you used to reach over and touch me in the middle of the night and when you used to hold me.

Scene changes to Alex's room, he's in his pajama's playing his guitar. Someone knocks at the window.

Alex Hello?

Another knock.

Alex Who is it?

He gets off the bed, lifts his guitar as a weapon as he walks toward the window. Another knock sounds and he opens the blinds to see who it is. Isabel is standing there. He looks relieved and opens the window.


Alex Hey.


Alex It's okay.

ISABEL Can I come in?

Alex Oh, yeah, yeah, I'm sorry.

She comes in. Then they're sitting on his window bench, talking.

ISABEL Last semester, Miss Rikesdale told me that I only needed to take one more class to graduate. So I did.

Alex So you're graduating?

ISABELYou're the only person that knows that.

Alex So are you like, going to college?

ISABEL Exactly, I had know idea. But what I'm sure of, is that I'm graduating. And this is my last chance to have a prom, ever. He just sits in silence Alex, please don't make me just sit here.

AlexIsabel Evans, go to the prom with me?

She hugs him, laughing, happy...

Scene changes to the Crashdown Cafe, where students are gathered, all decked out in there prom wear. Maria is fixing Liz's hair.

MARIA Is he looking?

LIZ No, just concentrate.

MARIA What an idiot, I swear, I hope he's lonely tonight.

You see Michael behind the counter, cooking, looking vulnerable. Then Kyle and Tess enter the Cafe.

KYLE So, uh, beverage?

TESS Yeah, yeah, please. I, I'm just gonna go and sit over there.

KYLE Good, good, so I'll get... your beverage.

They appear very akward with each other. Then we see Kyle sitting alone at the counter as he overhears Liz and Maria talk.

MARIA No, I think it looks hot, Liz.

LIZ No, um okay, I'm gonna take a... and Liz walks away.

Kyle walks up to Maria, smiles.

KYLE Hello.


KYLE Can I get two cokes? He asks the waitress behind the counter.Then they both look over at Valenti and Amy DeLuca sitting together at a booth.

KYLE I caught em making out on the couch.

MARIA Dude, I caught them making out in the pantry closet in the kitchen. It's just so embarrassing.

KYLE I know, but there's nothing we can do about it. It's just raging hormones. And they are our chaperones.

MARIA Yeah, it's ugh... Hey so are you and Tess uh... you know?

KYLE Oh no, actually, it's like, she uh, she's hot and uh, but I feel really resistant for some reason, I can't quite put my finger on.

MARIA Well, maybe you're just gay.

KYLE No, no...

Liz comes out of the kitchen at the same time as Max arrives. Sean witnesses the tender moment. Max and Liz approach each other. He has a corsage for her.

MAX You look beautiful. LIZ Thank you. You look very nice too. Um, you know, Maria's all alone tonight so is it okay if she hangs out with us?

MAX Of course.

Amy DeLuca Oh come on kids, we have to take pictures. Come on, lets go guys. Oh, Liz, you look beautiful. Maria, you look absolutely perfect. Where is uh, Isabel, Alex, Tess, come on. Lets take pictures. Who'm I missing, uh Michael. Come out here, mm hmm. Come on, lets go now. Uh, Jim, come on, who'm I going to stand with? Is that everyone? Oh, oh, this is going to be great, um, Sean.... Can you take the picture for me?

Sean steps up, takes the camera from Amy, she joins the group and he focuses in on them, they're all laughing and happy.

LIZ in a voice over And there we were. All together, with everything we'd all been through over the last two years. The battles we'd fought, the relationships that were formed, the feelings for each other, stronger than any feelings we'd ever known could exist. And somehow in this moment I had this really strong, really upsetting feeling, that this was the last time we'd all be standing together.

Scene changes to the sight of the prom., all decorated, music playing, couples walking around, then Alex and Isabel having their picture taken.

ALEX Thank you sir. My lady... He offers his arm to Isabel.

ISABEL Thank you.

ALEX Your welcome. You know, I gotta say, objectively speaking, you are incredibly beautiful this evening.

ISABEL You don't have to say that.

ALEX I know I don't.

ISABEL Alex, thank you. This means so much to me, and I know you didn't want to come, so thank you.

ALEX Well, you just gotta promise to not be any more beguiling otherwise I'll be right back where I was. When she giggles, he says, I'm serious... Let's dance.

ISABEL Lets dance.

ALEX Okay.

Now we see Kyle at the punch bowl, getting drinks. Malamoot approaches him.

MALAMOOT Valenti...

KYLE Malamoot....

MALAMOOT This is it big man, the big night.

KYLE Yeah, this is it.

MALAMOOT I envy you Valenti.

We see Tess sitting at the table.

KYLE All right.

MALAMOOT Look at that compact little body.

KYLE All right.

MALAMOOT Bet she's a firecracker in the sack.

KYLE I wouldn't know.

MALAMOOT Yeah well, you will soon. Hey listen, what do you say, you throw her to me for a couple hours after your done?

Kyle grabs him by the collar.

KYLE Dont you ever talk about my sister like that!


Kyle looks confused and just walks away.

Now we see Max and Liz sitting at a table.

MAX So...

LIZ Yeah...

MAX You wanna dance?

LIZ Sure.

They walk to the dance floor and the music changes to slow music.

LIZ Max, I just want to say that I feel really weird.

MAX What do you mean?

LIZ I mean I saw you with Tess.

MAX Saw me what with Tess?

LIZ I saw you with her. I came by your house yesterday to talk to you about something and you were with her.

MAX We were just trying to find out things about where I came from, that's all.

LIZ I know, I know, I mean, you know, you keep saying that. but you um, keep on leaving out this really pertinent fact. That you were married to her. I feel like my whole life for the past year has been waiting for some really bad news. Oh, you know, by the way Liz, I remember Tess, and I love her. It's really paralyzing.

MAX I know it's not easy.

LIZ No, Max, it can be. It can be really, really easy. You know, we both just stop pretending.

MAX What do you mean?

LIZ You know, maybe we're both just holding on to something that'll never be. Max, maybe we should just let go. I have been in so much pain. This whole year. and it's like I'm suffocating.


A very painful moment of finality comes over them, she shakes her head at him, then sees Maria standing by herself

LIZ Um, I should go, you know, for Maria.

MAX Right.

LIZ She's all alone tonight.

MAX Go ahead.

LIZ Max.

MAX Go ahead.

Now we see Kyle and Tess going into a room. Kyle searches for the right words

KYLE Um, Tess, uh you, you're, you're beautiful.

TESS Kyle, please don't say that.

KYLE And the thing is, you're not just some girl, I care about you.

TESS Kyle, I don't... I just....

KYLE I think of you as family. As a sister. I dont' think it could be a romantic thing

TESS I understand. You know I'm disappointed, but I understand.

They hug. Back out on the dancer floor, we see Liz and Maria dancing with abandon. Max watches for a bit, then walks away. Michael walks in and Maria sees him.

LIZ Okay, go.

MARIA No, no, me and you, we're a couple now.


Maria and Michael walk up to each other.

MARIA What are you doing here?

MICHAEL Came her to dance.

MARIA Well you shoulda brought Juanita.

MICHAEL How do you know about her?

MARIA I followed you to your pod.

MICHAEL Juanita's my dance teacher.

MARIA Your dance teacher.

MICHAEL Yeah, I can't dance. And I knew this was a big deal for you so I was taking dancing lessons.

Maria looks very embarrassed, relieved, happy.

MARIA Oh my God.

MICHAEL Wait, did you think Juanita was some chick I was boffing?

MARIA Oh my God.

MICHAEL How the hell did you find out about it in the first place...

MARIA Oh my God, I am like the stupidest person alive.

MICHAEL Okay. Juanita declared me unteachable, but if you want to risk personal injury...

They head out to the dance floor. Now we see Max sitting alone in the hall holding his corsage. Kyle and Tess come upon him.

TESS I'll meet you inside in a minute, okay?

KYLE Sure.

TESS You look sad.

MAX I think it's really over.

TESS You mean with Liz.

MAX Yeah. I mean I, I realize that, I guess that on some level that things were headed in that direction. I think it's really actually over.

Now we see Isabel and Alex dancing.

ISABEL Alex, I'm going to do something, I said I wouldn't do.

ALEX Don't.

She kisses him. He draws back.

ALEX I asked you not to do that.

They kiss again. Liz sees, then looks around and leaves. Now it's back to Max and Tess sitting in the halls.

MAX I remembered something else. I don't know how to feel about it.

TESS What do you remember?

MAX Our first kiss. It was at a party... late at night. And you...

TESS I, I leaned in... and whispered in your ear and then you touched my cheek...

MAX and then we just...

They kiss. Liz walks in and sees them, throws her corsage in the trash and runs out of the school, while Max and Tess continue to kiss. She shows up at the bowling alley where Sean is bowling. He turns around and sees her, smiles.

SEAN What are you doing here Parker?

LIZ I guess this is kind of an addictive sport.

He motions her on down and the next we see Liz in her socks, lane walking, laughing, Sean lane walking with her.

LIZ in a voice over We try to live responsible, logical lives. But we can't tell our hearts how to feel. As she's speaking we see Alex and Isabel kissing, Max and Tess sitting together... Sometimes our hearts lead us to places we never thought we wanted to go. Then we see Michael and Maria dancing. And sometimes are hearts can be the sweetest, gentleist things we have. Back at the bowling alley, Liz is still lane walking with Sean. Sometimes are hearts can make us feel miserable, angry, excited and confused. All at once. But at least my heart is open. And I'm writing again. I'm feeling. I'm breathing. The last scene shows her at home, writing in her journal.