(Episode begins where The White Room left off. Michael and Valenti have reached the gate around the compound with Max where everyone is waiting.)


MICHAEL: That won't keep Pierce for long. We've got to get Max out of here.


SHERIFF: I know somewhere safe. It's an old silver mine in Galitas off horseshoe road. If we make it there, it will buy us some time. We should split up, make it harder for them to follow. Come on. Come on.


 LIZ: Max, are you alright?


TESS: Where's Nasedo?


MICHAEL: Just get in the jeep.


 SHERIFF: Come on! Let's go.


MICHAEL: I don't know about this.


MAX: I trust him.


SHERIFF: Come on.


ISABEL: Clothes.


(Liz and Max drive off in the Jetta, Valenti is in his patrol car, and everyone else is in the Jeep. They each take a different road.)


(Max is dressing.)


LIZ: Max, what did they do to you?


MAX: It's over. Listen, Liz, if we ever get out of this…


(The back window is shot out of the Jetta. They get out and run into the trees.)


LIZ: Let's go. Let's go. Come here.  


(The FBI guys chase them.)


MAX: Go.


LIZ: Come on, come on, Max.


MAX: Go. Go.  


(They double back onto the road. The agents follow and now have them surrounded.)  


LIZ: Come on.  


(Liz and Max climb up onto a guard rail, and jump off into a river.)




(Liz and Max are making their way down a stream. They come to a junk yard, of sorts.)


LIZ: We've got to hide. Come on, in here. Come on, Max. Come on, in here. Come on.


(They enter an overturned delivery truck .) I think we'll be safe in here for a while. They don't know how far down river we got. Max. (They kiss. Liz gets flashes of some of the things that happened to Max in the White room.) Max.


(Going down the road.)


TESS: How could you leave Nasedo there?


MICHAEL: Listen, he might not have made it, alright? We heard gun shots.  


TESS: Michael, listen to me. We have to turn around. We have to go to the pod chamber.


MICHAEL: What are you talking about?


TESS: Nasedo told me that if anything ever happened to him, to go to the pod chamber.


ISABEL: What are we supposed to do? Just go there and wait? How will anyone know where we are?


TESS: Max will know. He'll find us.


MARIA: Well what about Liz and Valenti? What happens to them?


ALEX: No, look, we said we'd meet at Galinas. If we don't go now, we may never see them again.


ISABEL: Alex is right. We don't do anything without everyone.


TESS: But without Nasedo, we have nothing. Michael, I'm telling you, turn around. Our lives depend on it. Everything depends on it.


MICHAEL: No, we're not leaving anyone behind anymore. All right? We're going to the mine.


(In the overturned van.)


LIZ: So everything Nasedo told me was true. You and Tess were meant to be together.


MAX: Liz.


LIZ: I mean, it's your destiny, right?


MAX: I wish I could go back Liz. Back to when things were normal.


LIZ: Me, too. I just wish that I could have stopped you from saving my life that day in the CrashDown.


MAX: Don't say that.


LIZ: Max, the day that you saved my life, your life just ended.


MAX: No, that was the day my life began. Liz, when I was in that room, and they did what they did to me. You're what kept me alive. The thought of you. The way your eyes look into mine. Your smile. The touch of your skin. Your lips. Knowing you has made me human. Whether I die tomorrow or fifty years from now, my destiny is the same: it's you. I want to be with you, Liz. I love you.


LIZ: I love you. (They kiss.)


(At the silver mine.)


MICHAEL: Where's Max and Liz.


SHERIFF: They're not back yet.


ISABEL: We took the long way. They should have gotten here before us.


 MICHAEL: It'll be light in an hour. They're still out there.


SHERIFF: I'm going back and retrace the route.


MICHAEL: I'm going with you, you may need me.


SHERIFF: The rest of you wait here. Don't make a move without us.


MARIA: Michael! Michael.


MICHAEL: I'll be back with him soon. Don't worry.


(At the overturned van. A car engine wakes up Max and Liz.)


MAX: Let's go.


(They run off.)


(Going down the road.)


MICHAEL: Why are you helping us?


SHERIFF: There's a right side here and a wrong side. I don't think Pierce is on the right side. Besides, I like to think that if my son were in trouble somewhere and I wasn't around to help, that somebody would be there for him.


(In a washout, the FBI Hummer from last night suddenly appears behind Max and Liz just as Valenti nears.)


MICHAEL: There they are. Stop the car.

(Michael uses his powers to disable the Hummer. Max and Liz get into the patrol car.) Get in. Let's go.


MAX: What did you do?


MICHAEL: I don't know.


MAX: What do you mean you don't know?


MICHAEL: I don't know, just go! Come on, go. Go! Go, or get out!


(They drive off.)


 (At the silver mine.)


 SHERIFF: We'll be safe here for a while.


MICHAEL: There is no safe anymore.


 (Michael goes inside.)


MAX: Go ahead. I'll be right in. (Liz goes inside.)


SHERIFF: Tell me what just happened back there, Max. All this time, I thought it was just you. It's Michael, too, isn't it? Isabel? My god. Man.


MAX: You swore to me that we could trust you. I need to trust you right now. It's our lives, Sheriff. There's no time for doubts.


SHERIFF: Well, it's my life, too, and I need to know everything.


MAX: We don't know where we're from. We don't know why we're here. Liz, Alex and Maria are the only ones who know. And now you. We don't want to hurt anybody, Sheriff, we just want to stay alive.


SHERIFF: I keep thinking about my father. He was right.


MAX: But he would have turned us in. What are you going to do?


(Inside the mine.)


MICHAEL: I don't know how I did it. I don't even know what I was trying to do. It just happened.


TESS: It's just your own energy, Michael, and how you focus it. That's what Nasedo was trying to teach you.


ISABEL: So you did this in front of Valenti?


MICHAEL: Well I couldn't let them get caught.


ISABEL: This changes everything.


MICHAEL: Yeah, don't you think I know that?


ALEX: So what is Valenti going to do? What are we all going to do?


MAX: We're going to think this through, and we're not going to panic.


ISABEL: So, you think we should trust Valenti?


MAX: We have no choice.


TESS: Yes we do. We can go to the chamber and be safe, just the four of us. Nasedo will rescue us, and Pierce doesn't want the rest of you.


MAX: Well, Nasedo isn't here. And Pierce will do anything to anybody if he thinks he can get to us.


 MICHAEL: Well we sure as hell can't stay here the rest of our lives.  


ISABEL: What do you mean? Leave Roswell for good?


MICHAEL: Maybe Tess is right. If the four of us leave, maybe the rest of you could…


MARIA: No. I'm staying with you.


ALEX: So am I.


LIZ: Yeah, we all are.


MICHAEL: So where do we go?


MAX: We're not going anywhere. We're taking our lives back.




MAX: When Pierce told me the things they had done to the other alien… I'll die before I let that happen to any of you.


ISABEL: Then we have to run.


MAX: If we run, then he'll just keep hunting us and there's no coming back. Are you willing to never see home again? Any of you? Then we have to fight.


ALEX: Fight the most elite unit in the FBI.


ISABEL: Who now knows who we are and everything about us.


MAX: Pierce does know who we are. But we also know who he is, and we're stronger than he thinks. We may be even stronger than we think.


(Outside the mine, Valenti is listening to his Police radio.)


VOICE 1: …hasn't checked in?


VOICE 2: The last time we saw him, he left here with the Parker girl. That's the six kids all together and the Sheriff.


VOICE 1: Don't worry, deputy, I've already contacted headquarters in Albuquerque. They're handling the search from there.


VOICE 2: What about the Sheriff's boy? Somebody ought to look in on him.


 VOICE 1: I already talked to him. I got somebody with him right now.  


VOICE 2: I'm sure the Sheriff will appreciate that when we find him.


SHERIFF: Pierce.


VOICE 1/PIERCE: Oh, I'm sure he will, too.


(At the Valenti residence.)


KYLE: I want to know what the hell is going on.


AGENT 1: My orders are to protect…


KYLE: Protect me from any harm. I know. You told me. Look, if my dad's in any trouble, I have to know about it.


(Across the street from the Crashdown, Liz and Tess are in the Jeep. In a door way, Michael and Isabel are watching an Agent. [AGENT 2])


 MICHAEL: There he is.


ISABEL: What if this doesn't work? What if we can never go home again?  


MICHAEL: It has to work. How much time?


(They step into sight of Agent 2 who begins to follow them.)


 (Across the street.)


TESS: It's time.


LIZ: What are you going to do?


TESS: I'm going to make them see Pierce.


(Pierce appears in front of the agent.)


PIERCE: Agent Bellow, I'll take it from here.


AGENT2: Yes, sir.


(At the Valenti residence.)


 PIERCE: Agent Samuels.


AGENT 1: (To Kyle) Stay here.


(Both Pierces.) PIERCE: Go to Hondo. There's an abandoned gas station three miles east of town. Go there and wait for me.


AGENT 1: Yes, sir, Agent Pierce.


(Outside the Crashdown.)


AGENT 2: I'll wait in Hondo for your instructions sir.


(At the Valenti residence.)


AGENT 1: I understand. Hondo.


KYLE: Who the hell are you talking to? Hey!


(Outside the Crashdown.)


 LIZ: You told them both at the same time to go to Hondo?  


TESS: Pierce told them to go to Hondo.


LIZ: Can you just do that with everyone? Make them see things that aren't even there?


TESS: Sometimes it's easier to do that than to make someone see something that's right in front of her eyes.


(At the Valenti residence.)


AGENT 1: What the hell just happened here?


KYLE: I was kinda hoping you could tell me.


(Max comes in and punches out the agent.) What are you doing? He's an FBI Agent.  


MAX: He's not what you think he is.


KYLE: I should have known it! Where the hell's my father?


MAX: Safe. That's all I can tell you right now.


KYLE: Well that's not good enough.


MAX: It'll have to be. (Max stuffs the agent into a closet.) Turn around.


KYLE: What? No.


MAX: I said turn around! (Max melts the lock on the closet door.)


 KYLE: Look, if anything happens to my father because of you, I swear to God, I will kill you myself.


MAX: I can't explain anything right now. This wasn't supposed to happen. Your father's ok. Just stay put. He doesn't want you involved. Don't let him out of there and we'll all be ok.


(Max leaves. Kyle grabs a coat and heads for Valenti's gun case.)


 (In Sheriff Valenti's office.)


 PIERCE: If you're here to kill me, Sheriff, it won't do any good. There'll be a new man in charge of the unit in twenty-four hours.


SHERIFF: If I wanted to kill you, you'd be dead already.


PIERCE: Then why are you here?


SHERIFF: Because I'm scared. For myself, for my son, for all of us.


PIERCE: You didn't seem scared last night when you put a bullet six inches from my heart.


SHERIFF: There were things I didn't know last night. Things that change everything.


PIERCE: I don't think anything's changed. I think they sent you here.


SHERIFF: Damn it. This is bigger than you can imagine. I heard them. I know their plan. Right now, they're disabling your agents, one by one. You don't believe me. Get them on the radio. Go on.


PIERCE: Agent Bellow. Agent Bellow, come in. Bellow. Samuels, can you read me? This is Pierce. (To Valenti.) I want those aliens.


 SHERIFF: But first, we deal. My name stays clean. I get a government pension for me and my father for the rest of our lives and nobody bothers us. Nobody. And my son, he stays protected.


PIERCE: I'll get the three of you new identities. But you… you will show me where they are.


(At the UFO Center, Liz, Isabel and Tess go into the office. Valenti and Pierce are waiting at the foot of the stairs.)


PIERCE: Soon as we see them all, shoot to kill, Sheriff.


SHERIFF: What about the civilians?


PIERCE: There's always a price to pay for freedom.


(The lights go out.)


SHERIFF: Pierce!


(The lights come back on. Valenti and Pierce are laying on the ground. Max and Michael are pointing their guns at them.)


(In the auditorium, Pierce is tied to a chair, Valenti is handcuffed.)


MAX: I can't believe I trusted you.  


(He nods to Michael who escorts Valenti away.)


 (In the storage/prop area.)


 MICHAEL: I always thought you were out to get us. And I'm glad I was wrong.  


(He removes the handcuffs and returns the gun.)


 SHERIFF: I'll take care of Pierce as soon as Max gets what he needs.


MICHAEL: What are you going to do?


SHERIFF: There's this guy I know at the Attorney General's office. I already put in the call.


MICHAEL: You think the government's going to do something about Pierce? He part of it.


SHERIFF: He's not the good part of it. See, we don't tolerate secret government action in this country. At least not once the press gets a hold of it.


MICHAEL: I hope you're right.


SHERIFF: It's time for this to be over.


(In the auditorium.)


MAX: Good evening, Agent Pierce. You know who I am. I know who you are. And now you're going to tell me everything.


PIERCE: I've got nothing to say.


MAX: We can do this the easy way or the hard way. It's up to you. What happened to Nasedo? Did you capture him? Did you Kill him? Tell me?


(In the office.)


ALEX: Max is pounding him with questions.


MARIA: He isn't going to answer them.


ALEX: That's why we have Isabel.


ISABEL: I've never dream-walked anyone who wasn't asleep before.


 TESS: But you did it to Max when he was captured.


ISABEL: He was drugged. He didn't fight it. Pierce isn't going to do that.


TESS: If you can just get in, even a little, you'll see his answers.


(In the auditorium.)


MAX: What happened to Nasedo? Where is he? You know what I can do to you. Tell me what I'm asking or I will take you apart piece by piece and make sure you stay conscious enough to feel every second of it.


PIERCE: Untie me and I'll take you to him.


MAX: So you do know where he is.


(In the office, Isabel begins a dream-walk. She sees Pierce zipping Nasedo into a body bag.)


PIERCE: There's a Helo meeting us at Jeffords Airstrip out by Hobson. Hold the body there until I bring the others.  


(The body is put into an armored truck, and the dream-walk ends.)


ALEX: What did you see?


 ISABEL: I'm sorry. It looks like he's dead.


TESS: He's not dead. He can't die.


LIZ: Tess, what do you mean he can't die.


TESS: He said that if this ever happened, that we had the power to bring him back.


ALEX: How?


TESS: He told me to find this Indian called Riverdog. He has these stones.


ISABEL: The healing stones.


TESS: You know about them?


MARIA: Yeah, we already have them.


TESS: Then all we need is Nasedo. You did see where they took him?




(In the storage/prop area.)


MICHAEL: So, this guy at the Attorney General's… Sheriff?




MICHAEL: The one you called? Is he coming here, or are you taking Pierce to him?


SHERIFF: I haven't decided yet.


MICHAEL: There is no guy, is there?


SHERIFF: If I turn him in, I turn all of you in. He kills people, Michael. It's what the guy does. He killed Topolsky, and Stevens, and six innocent people in that hospital, and who knows how many others. And he was just about to kill all of you.


(In the auditorium, Kyle sneaks in.)


 PIERCE: Hey, Kyle. Kyle. It's Max Evans and the others. They have your father.


KYLE: Where?


PIERCE: I can't tell you, now, just untie me. They'll be back in seconds. Hurry up.

(He spots a gun tucked into Kyle's waistband.) Kyle, give me that. Give me that gun. What are you doing with it? Get out of here. Go hide.  


(Kyle disappears and Pierce waits in the chair with the gun hidden. Max, Michael and Valenti walk by. Pierce shoots at them and misses. Valenti fires repeatedly in the direction that Pierce had fled. He is reloading when Pierce comes back.)




(Michael uses his powers to knock him backwards into the wall. Valenti checks him)


SHERIFF: He's dead. (Looking at the gun he took from Pierce.) It's one of mine. (He looks behind the curtain.) No. Oh no. (Spots Kyle, who has a bullet hole in his chest.) No. Aw, no, Kyle! Aw, geez, no! NO KYLE! Augh! Help. Help me. Somebody, help me! Augh. Save my son, please. (Max heals Kyle.)


 KYLE: What the hell just happened to me?


SHERIFF: I don't care who you are, or what you are. I'll be here for you. I need a moment alone with my son.  


(Valenti hugs Kyle.)


(Max goes to Michael who is standing off to one side.)


MAX: You were just trying to stop him. I know you didn't mean to kill him.


MICHAEL: But that's just it. I wanted to kill him. I mean, that's all that I could think about. I wanted him dead. Knowing that, I just did it. It just happened. What kind of person does that make me?


MAX: We would have been dead if you didn't help us.


 MICHAEL: No! The bottom line Maxwell, I kill people. I kill people, you heal them.

(Maria walks over) You're good, and I'm bad.  


MAX: It's not true, Michael.


MICHAEL: Just get out of here.


 MARIA: What are you talking about?


MICHAEL: It's not safe.


MARIA: It's never been safe. What difference does it make now?


 MICHAEL: No, I'm not safe. All right, I mean, I can do these things that I can't control. Look at what I did to Pierce. I'm not going to take that chance with you. I don't want you to be around for what's going to happen.  


MARIA: Wait. Don't do this to me Michael, please. You need me now, more than you have before, alright?


MICHAEL: No, I don't need anyone.


MARIA: Well, maybe I do. Did you ever think of that? I mean, look at Max and Liz. They can't bear to be separated. But you, you can just throw me away. Just like that. Why is that, Michael? Why?


 MICHAEL: Maybe because I love you too much. Goodbye.  


(He leaves.)


 ALEX: I know what you need to do, and that you need to do it alone. (He embraces Isabel.) Good luck.


TESS: We have to get Nasedo.


ISABEL: I know where he is.


MAX: We've got to go. Now. I can't make you do this.


LIZ: Max, you're not making me do anything. We choose our own destinies, remember?


(At the deserted airstrip two agents are guarding a truck.)


 MICHAEL: Hey, over here.


(Isabel clobbers Agent 3 with a board.)


AGENT 4: Hey what's going on?


(Max hits Agent 4.)


MAX: Go!


(They climb into the truck.)


ISABEL: It's him, it's Nasedo. Let's go.


(They drive away.)


(At the pod chamber. Liz is off to the side while the aliens use the healing stones.)


ISABEL: Are you sure this is him?


MICHAEL: This is who he was last time I saw him.


(They heal Nasedo.)


TESS: I knew you wouldn't leave us.


NASEDO: You're not ready to be left alone.


MICHAEL: You're right, we need you. Show us how the orbs work.


NASEDO: She doesn't belong here.


MAX: She's with me. We want to know. You're the only one who can show us.


NASEDO: It's not my job to show you. My only job is to keep you alive.


MAX: Your job?


MICHAEL: Well if your only job is to keep us alive, then tell us. They're communicators. They communicate with who?


 NASEDO: You're not ready to know yet.


MICHAEL: They communicate with our home planet, don't they? Why don't you want us to contact them?


NASEDO: Because you don't know who else you may contact in the process.


ISABEL: Who else is there?


 NASEDO: Set off those orbs, and you have no idea who you may be leading straight to us.


MAX: You don't know, do you? You don't know how to use the orbs. If you knew, you would've already used them. You're here to protect us, but not to lead us, you said it yourself. But if you're not the leader, who is.


 (Everyone looks at Max.)


 NASEDO: If you really want to know what the orbs do, you can find out for yourselves, I can't stop you. But do it at your own risk.


MAX: If you're really here to protect us, there's something you have to do. The only way we can ever go back is if nobody's hunting us anymore.


MICHAEL: Pierce is already dead.


MAX: He'll only be replaced, unless we replace him. (Nasedo shape-shifts into Pierce.) The other agents are at an abandoned gas station in Hondo.


NASEDO: Now that I'm the head of their Special Unit, we've have all their resources. You'll be safe now.


 (He leaves. Max picks up an orb and goes to Tess. Michael and Isabel get the other orb.)


MAX: I want to know. Maybe if we just focus like Nasedo's always said.


 (They concentrate. The orbs shoot up a blue light, and a beeping sound, like a beacon, is heard. Another blue light floats into view, and transforms into a woman.)


WOMAN: If you are seeing me now, it means that you are alive and well. I take this form because it will be familiar to you, and it will help you to understand what I am about to say. You have lived before. You perished in the conflict that enslaves our planet but your essence was duplicated, cloned, and mixed with human genetic materials so that you might be recreated into human beings. My son, you were the beloved leader of our people. I have sent with you your young bride. My daughter, the man you were betrothed to, and your brother's second-in-command.


ISABEL: Oh my god, Max. Our mother.


WOMAN: Our enemies have come to the Earth. You will know them only by the evil within. Learn enough to use your skills, your knowledge, your leadership to combat the enemy so that you can come back and free us. And that I may once again hold you both in my arms. I live for that moment. Help us. I love you.


ISABEL: She's so beautiful.


MICHAEL: I always knew there was something out there, but I had no idea how important it was.


MAX: Things will never be the same, but whatever happens, we have to stay together. It's the four of us now.


TESS: I knew this was meant to be.


MAX: No. (To Liz.) Look, everything I told you before is still true.  


LIZ: Max, you do have a destiny. You just heard it. I can't stand in the way of it.  


MAX: But you mean everything to me.


(They kiss.)


LIZ: Goodbye, Max.


(She leaves.)  


MAX: Liz. (Outside.) Liz. Liz, wait.


(She turns to look at him, then runs off.)


MICHAEL: (Restraining him.) You gotta let her go.


 (Tess and Isabel join them.)


TESS: What happens now Max?


(Someone far away, in a car, has a little black beeper that has a flashing pentagon on it. It is making the same beacon sound as the orbs.)


PERSON: It has begun.  


(Scene after scene of different locations around the globe where the same beacon sound and flashing light can be seen and heard.)