(Liz writing in diary)

VOICEOVER: September 27. I'm Liz Parker and I will never look at the stars in the sky the same way again. I'll never look at anything the same way again. What did Max Evans mean when he said, "I'll see you in school?" Was it "I won't be able to breathe until we meet again" or was it just something someone says to, like, fill space? And what is he thinking right now? Is he also obsessed, tortured, going through one sleepless night to the next, wondering what's going to happen between us?

(Scene shows Max sound asleep, snoring until he hears a sound. He opens his eyes, grabs his flashlight and slowly gets up. The intruder that Max almost smacks with a flashlight turns out to be Michael.)

MICHAEL: Hold it there! Donít hit me.

MAX: Argument with Hank?

MICHAEL: Couldnít sleep.

(Max lays out a sleeping bag for Michael and gets back into bed. When Michael shows no indication of wanting to sleep)

MAX: Hey, I was sleeping.

MICHAEL: Amazing.

MAX: Whatís amazing?

MICHAEL: That you can sleep when the key to our entire existence is out there.

MAX: Michael

MICHAEL: Max, listen that picture Valenti showed Liz means thereís someone else out there. Someone who was here in 1959. That means he was here when it crashed. He knows where we come from, he knows who we are, he knows why weíre here. Maybe he knows how to get back.

MAX: Michael, I know how you feel. Believe me, I want to know too. But the sheriff has that picture so weíll never see it. I mean, that would be impossible, right? Michael?



(Michael is shown staking out the Sheriffís Station)

(Crashdown Café, in back. Maria and Liz are getting ready for work.)

MARIA: I mean, what do we even know about these people? Nothing. How do we know that theyíre not 3 feet tall, green, and slimy?

LIZ: I guess we donít.

MARIA: And you know what else doesnít, like, particularly please me? These powers. How do we know they canít just like wiggle their noses and poof us into oblivion?

LIZ: I guess we donít.

MARIA: OK, youíre being like so casual about this, I want to choke you! Liz, weíre dealing with alie--

(Liz claps her hand over Mariaís mouth as another employee walks in.)

LIZ: Can you please not say that word in public?

(Crashdown Café, in front)

MARIA: The point is that we donít know anything about these Czechoslovakians. Are they good Czechoslovakians? Bad Czechoslovakians? We donít know. Are they just random Czechoslovakians? For all we know, they donít have their passports.

(Alex pops up from the front booth)

ALEX: Whoís Czechoslovakian?

MARIA: Hey! LIZ: Hey!

ALEX: Hey! So, whoís Czechoslovakian?


LIZ: The new kid at school.

MARIA: The guy at the hardware store.

LIZ: The new kid at school who works at the hardware store.

MARIA: Exactly.

ALEX: Oh. What about him?

LIZ and MARIA: Nothing

ALEX: Fantastic.

(Liz and Maria walk away)

MARIA: Czechoslovakian, 9 o'clock.

(Michael is peering through the window, watching them.)

MARIA: OK, that guy creeps me out.

(At school in Geometry class.

LIZ is talking to a bunch of girls. MAX is sitting at his desk across the room.)

LIZ: (voiceover as she glances over at Max) The thing about Czechoslovakians that you sorta have to factor in, is they have these incredibly soulful eyes.

LIZ'S FRIEND: OK, that is totally not Mr. Singer.

(Ms. Topolsky walks in. The bell rings.)

TOPOLSKY: Hi. Iím Kathleen Topolsky. Iíll be substituting for Mr. Singer whoís out sick for a couple of days.

MAX'S FRIEND: I hope heís seriously ill.

TOPOLSKY: So the infamous Roswell, New Mexico. Before we get started, let me just ask: Does anyone here actually believe in aliens?

(Class laughs. MAX glances over at LIZ)

TOPOLSKY: OK, letís take roll. Uh... Bartley.


TOPOLSKY: Collins.



MAX: Here.

TOPOLSKY: Guerin. Michael Guerin? Is he here today? Does anyone know where Michael is?

(Everyone looks over at MAX)

TOPOLSKY: Evans, right? Max Evans?

MAX: Yeah?

TOPOLSKY: Do you know where Michael Guerin is?

MAX: Uh, Michaelís not really into Geometry.

(Class laughs)

TOPOLSKY: He's not into it. I guess I can understand that. Pretty uninspiring stuff. Letís open our books to page 228.

(After class, in the hallway)

LIZ: Hi.

MAX: Hi. Howís it going?

LIZ: Good, um, you know, things are just things are just normal, you know? Completely normal.

MAX: Good.

LIZ: Um, was that weird?

MAX: What?

LIZ: That substitute just asked all of those questions about Michael. What was that about?

MAX: Iím sure she was just taking attendance.

LIZ: Right.

MAX: Liz, donít worry about it. No one's suspicious of Michael. Itís me.


(Isabel walks up)


LIZ: Hi.

MAX: Hey Iz.

ISABEL: (to Max) We should go.

(Isabel grabs Max's arm and they leave.)

(Police Station. Sheriff Valenti enters and notices a strange man sitting on a folding chair in the hallway.)

AGENT HART: Good morning!

VALENTI: Good morning. (Walks over to deputy.) Who is that?

DEPUTY: FBI. Agent Hart.

VALENTI: Whoís he here to talk to?

DEPUTY: No one, as far as I can tell.

VALENTI: Well, whatís he doing here?

DEPUTY: Doesnít appear to be doing anything. He's just been sitting there since 7 am.

VALENTI: Deputy Hansen, did you ask him what heís doing here?

DEPUTY: Yes sir, he said that he was here on assignment and that we should go about our business as usual.

VALENTI: Oh, so your response to that was just all right.

(Valenti walks over to agent)

VALENTI: Agent Hart, Iím Sheriff Valenti. Can I see some identification, please?

AGENT HART: Sorry about the intrusion. Iím here on assignment, Sheriff. You should just go about business...

VALENTI: As usual. Yeah, I heard. See, my problem with that is that having a federal agent sitting smack dab in the middle of my station house isn't exactly business as usual.

AGENT HART: My orders are to not leave this chair until Iím relieved.

VALENTI: Uh-huh. Agent Hart, the FBI has no jurisdiction here. Now Iím going to ask you to please get up and leave. And take your folding chair with you.

(On the high school grounds. Liz and Maria are having lunch.)

LIZ: Itís impossible, right, that sheís not who she says she is?

MARIA: Well, no one is who they say they are. I mean, what do you mean exactly?

LIZ: Forget it.

MARIA: What, that sheís a spy?

LIZ: No, donít be ridiculous.

MARIA: ĎCause that kind of stuff happens, you know.

LIZ: Now youíre being crazy. Címon, go on.

MARIA: Well think about it. She takes attendance. What substitute teacher takes attendance? I mean, God, the whole thing is so Roswellian. Iím telling you Liz, sheís been sent here.

LIZ: Why would she be sent here?

MARIA: To find the Czechoslovakians.

LIZ: Sniff some cedar oil, Maria.

MARIA: Which makes me feel that much more about what I already thought before you told me about this, which is that we should definitely, definitely, definitely tell Alex.

LIZ: No. Look, Maria, we mustnít tell anyone... ever. Ever.

MARIA: Mustnít? When have you ever said "mustnít"? Look, we need someone with a little perspective. OK, thereís all this stuff happening, and itís dangerous. The other day the Sheriff asked me all these questions. And now we have this Topolsky person poking around. You know, thatís what they do. They send special government task forces. Alien hunters. And suddenly, weíre like, accessories to Czechoslovakians. We need Alex in on this.

(Liz points to Alex who is in another area of the quad talking to some girls and trying to impress them with this double-jointed arm trick he can do.)

MARIA: Admittedly, heís not James Bond, but heís all weíve got right now.

ALEX: (to girls walking away, laughing)

What, so now Iím a freak?

(Liz and Maria are at Liz's locker.)

MARIA: Kyle Valenti, headed this way.

LIZ: Like, in this general direction, or like, towards me?

MARIA: Like, the latter.

LIZ: Oh God.

MARIA: What are you gonna say?

LIZ: I donít even know if thereís anything to say. I mean, I saw him over the summer, and it was casual. Iím sure now that weíre back in school, heís just thinking of me as a summer fling.

KYLE: Liz!

LIZ: Kyle!

KYLE: Howís my girl?

MARIA: (to Liz) See ya!

LIZ: Hey.

KYLE: Hey. Howís it going?

LIZ: Good. You know, Iím just pretty loaded down with all this school stuff.

KYLE: Yeah I know. You take all that stuff pretty seriously.

LIZ: Yeah.

KYLE: Right. Ok.

LIZ: All right. (Turns to leave.)

KYLE: Listen Liz, I think itís important that we are honest with each other. I was talking with Tommy Hilligan, and he agrees with me. A person should be on time, Liz. I know we left things casual, and I understand that, but you did say that you would meet me at the Crash Festival. I just feel that if you care about a person, which I do, then you should be on time. The truth is if you were just some girl and you stiffed me like you did, I would walk in a second, but youíre not--

(Liz notices Topolsky coming out of the Registrarís carrying a stack of files.)

LIZ: Kyle, I really want to talk to you right now, I do, but itís just not a good time. Iím sorry, I gotta go. Iím sorry.

(Liz walks briskly through the halls to catch up with Topolsky and bumps into her, sending the files flying to the ground.)

LIZ: Oh my gosh, Iím sorry. Iím sorry about...

TOPOLSKY: Parker, Liz. LIZ: Yeah.

TOPOLSKY: Photographic memory.

LIZ: Wow, thatís interesting. Iíve never met anyone with a photographic memory before.

TOPOLSKY: Helps in my line of work.

LIZ: Here, let me help you with that.

TOPOLSKY: Thatís ok.

(Liz picks up an open file and sees Michaelís picture attached to the file.)

(Liz goes to Michaelís house at the trailer park.)

LIZ: Hi, um, Iím looking for Michael. Guerin. Maybe I made a mistake.

HANK: Micky!

MICHAEL: Letís go outside. Címon. (outside) Youíre sure it was my records, it was definitely my records?

LIZ: Yeah.

MICHAEL: She asked about me in class?

LIZ: Oh, well she was just taking attendance and so when you werenít there, she asked the class if anyone knew you.

MICHAEL: So sheís looking for me.

LIZ: I donít know whatís going on, Michael. I just thought I should tell you.

MICHAEL: Thanks.

LIZ: Sure.

MICHAEL: Listen, if Hank insulted you or anything... LIZ: Oh no, no.

MICHAEL: You kind of have to ignore him.

LIZ: Sorry... to just show up here.

MICHAEL: Itís where I live. Thanks.

(Evening. Sheriff is on the phone in his office.)

VALENTI: Yeah, I know itís late. But he sent an agent into my building. I think Iíve got a right to an immediate explanation... No, I wonít call back... No, tomorrow is not acceptable... Yeah, Iím sorry about it too. Listen... No, excuse me... Hello? Hello?

(Valenti hangs up. He opens a locked file drawer and pulls out a file, which has the autopsy photographs of the corpse with a silver imprint on its chest. In the back of the file is a sealed envelope, which Valenti rips away and opens. Inside the envelope is a key. Valenti sticks the key in his thermos, stuffs the thermos into a paper bag, and places the bag inside his desk drawer. Valenti then leaves the police station.)

(Valenti drives past a mini-mart just as Michael walks out. Michael is carrying a big paper brown bag under one arm. He walks into the Sheriffís station, looks at the signs on the wall and starts to make his way to his designation. He is stopped by one of the deputies.)

DEPUTY HANSEN: Can I help you?

MICHAEL: Good evening, Deputy. Iím selling candies for charity.


MICHAEL: Yeah, Iím on the committee to re-open Westlake Orphanage, Deputy...Hansen. You can be a part of helping to find homes for dozens of children in need. Single boxes are six dollars a piece, and I feel obliged to strongly recommend the peanut clusters. They are good.

DEPUTY HANSEN: Well, Iím kind of trying to lay off the sweets right now.

MICHAEL: Understood Deputy. If itís all right, Iíll just take a look to see who else is around.

DEPUTY HANSEN: Thereís nobody up that corridor.

MICHAEL: Um, what if I came back tomorrow night?

DEPUTY HANSEN: Well, itís usually pretty empty at night.

MICHAEL: Well, thanks for your help, Deputy.

(Michael runs into another Deputy on his way out) DEPUTY: What are you doing here?

MICHAEL: Iím selling candies for charity.

DEPUTY: Not in here, youíre not.

MICHAEL: Yes sir.

(In the Evansí living room)

ISABEL: Are you insane?!?

MICHAEL: I didnít just wander in, all right? I had a cover story.

MAX: And what was your cover story?

MICHAEL: I was selling candies for charity. Peanut cluster?

MAX: And they bought it?

MICHAEL: No, they all seemed to be on a diet.

ISABEL: Not the candy, Einstein, the story.

MICHAEL: Yeah, they bought the story. Why are you wearing that?

ISABEL: Because, Michael, I have a date...with a guy...that I like. In fact, I like my whole life here. In fact, I have a date next Friday that Iím hoping I wonít have to miss because Iím running from the law.

MICHAEL: You two, the point is this. That file has got to be in Valentiís office. All right? He leaves for the day at 7:30. Thereís no one else in the entire wing of the Sheriffís station. We go in, we find the file, we get the info, we put the file back--

MAX: So how do we break in? Hypothetically.

MICHAEL: The window. Itís got a lock on it. Nothing you canít handle.

MAX: Alarm system? (Looks at Isabel who is giving him a warning look.) Hypothetically.

MICHAEL: Piece of cake. Even I could deactivate it.

ISABEL: Max, donít humor him. I canít believe youíre even considering this.

MAX: I just want to know how feasible the plan is...which itís not...feasible. Itís not feasible, Michael.

MICHAEL: This is what weíve been waiting for our entire lives. I mean this is the first time weíve ever had any clue that might tell us who we are. We don't have a choice. (The Evans parents enter off screen.)


MRS. EVANS: Anybody here?

MICHAEL: And with government agents after us, we had better get our asses in gear, donít you think?

MAX: Agents?

ISABEL: What are you talking about?

MICHAEL: Talk to Liz. (Parents enter the living room.)

MR. EVANS: You guys hungry?

MRS. EVANS: Hey guys, we got pizza. (to Isabel) Hey honey, you lookÖpretty. (to Michael) Oh MichaelÖ hi.

MICHAEL: Hey, I was just leaving.

MR. EVANS: We got plenty of pizza.

MICHAEL: My dadís cooking. Thanks. MRS. EVANS: Well, Iím starved. Címon guys. Plates, napkins, letís eat!

(In Geometry class)

TOPOLSKY: And we know that the sum of A, B, and C equals 360 degrees.

LIZ: (murmuring to herself) What is she talking about?

TOPOLSKY: Ms. Parker?

LIZ: 180.

TOPOLSKY: Iím sorry?

LIZ: Itís a triangle. You know, the sum of the parts would be 180 degrees.

(Class laughs.)

TOPOLSKY: Right. Right, of course. Equals 180 degrees.

(Max and Liz share a look.)

(After class in the hallway)

MAX: But she pulled other studentsí records.

LIZ: Well, yeah, but the point is that she pulled Michaelís.

MAX: How many others were there?

LIZ: I donít know, maybe 10.

MAX: Well, 10ís a lot.

LIZ: OK it might have only been 5. Iím not sure how many there were.

MAX: You canít just show up at Michaelís and get him riled up like that. You donít know him. Heís not big into "letís go over our options." He acts on things.

LIZ: Look, Iím sorry, I just thought that Michael was in danger and that Iíd better tell him.

MAX: In danger of what?

LIZ: I donít know. I have no idea. Look, I am just saying that if there is a spy among us, donít you think it behooves us to do something about it?

MAX: Spy?

LIZ: Well yeah.

MAX: Liz...

LIZ: No, Max, that sort of thing exists, doesnít it? Thereís like special branches of the government...alien hunters, you know, that sort of thing.

MAX: So you think Ms. Topolsky is an alien hunter.

LIZ: When you say it like that, it sounds ridiculous.

MAX: Liz, thank you, you know, for looking out for us. But we have to go on with life as it was before this happened. And we have to be careful now. All of us. You, too.

(Max is walking through the hallway and looks through a window. He sees Ms. Topolsky talking to Sheriff Valenti and another man. Max wonders if Liz might be right.)

(In the womenís bathroom. Maria is reading a note from Max to Liz that says "Meet me in the 2nd Floor Eraser Room 6th Period, Max")

MARIA: The Eraser room, huh? Liz, do you know what the 2nd floor eraser room means?

LIZ: Of course I know what it means... What does it mean?

MARIA: Itís where Greg Coleman gave Marlene Garcia that hickey the size of a softball. Itís where Richie Roher and Amanda Lourdes consummated everything...

LIZ: OK, Maria, you know what? Youíre just making this into something itís not.

MARIA: Liz, I donít think you should do this. OK? I mean, we donít know what can happen. I mean, the guy touched you and you saw into his soul. How do we know what happens if he kisses you? How do we know what it is to be kissed by a Czechoslovakian? You donít.

LIZ: OK, Maria, no one is kissing anyone here. I mean, Max isnít even the least bit interested in me. You know, he said that things were just like they used to be before. Nothingís changed. He said that.

MARIA: Oh my God, itís not just kissing that goes on in the Eraser Room.

LIZ'S FRIEND FROM GEOMETRY: Sheís got that right.

MARIA: The Eraser Room does two things: cleans erasers and takes our innocence. Do you know what I mean by "takes our innocence," Liz? The Eraser Room has taken some of the best of us.

(Valenti is sitting in his office. Agent Stevens walks in.)

AGENT STEVENS: Good afternoon, Sheriff. VALENTI: Agent Stevens. You donít write, you donít call. Iím sorry about kicking junior out of here the other day. He had no jurisdiction. No offense.

AGENT STEVENS: None taken.

VALENTI: So, whatíd you guys find on that waitress uniform?

AGENT STEVENS: Well several things actually, sheriff: tomatoes, salt, water, sugar, vinegar.. ketchup, Sheriff, no blood. Weíve wasted enough tax-payer dollars to try to find something that isnít out there. No space ship landed here in 1947. No aliens are currently residing in Roswell, New Mexico. Iíve been given the authority by the governor to search the premises to remove any information pertaining to UFOs, alien sightings, and other alleged paranormal occurrences in this county. This thing is over, Sheriff. (To his men) Letís get on with it, guys.

VALENTI: You found blood on the dress. Why else would you care enough to remove my files. Wouldnít that be a waste of taxpayer dollars?

AGENT HART: (to Agent Stevens about the file cabinet) Itís locked.

AGENT STEVENS: (Reaching for the file cabinet key from Valenti) This wonít take long. Thank you, Sheriff.

VALENTI: (Taking his thermos with the key in it) Make yourself at home. Iím going to lunch.

(Using binoculars, Michael watches Valenti walking out of his office carrying his thermos.)

(Eraser Room)

LIZ: So, um, this is the Eraser Room. Iíve never been here before.

MAX: I just thought we should be somewhere private.

LIZ: Right.

(She locks the door.)

MAX: You were right about Topolsky. She isnít who she appears to be.

LIZ: Oh.

MAX: Sheís been using this office. I thought we should find out why sheís here.

LIZ: Yeah. MAX: She has off 6th and 7th period, so we might be here a while.

(Outside police station, Michael watches as men remove files.)

(Eraser Room)

LIZ: OK, Iím still confused. If you crash-landed in 1947, are you really 16 or are you like 52 in a 16-year-oldís body? Or do you guys just age differently? I mean, is like 1 alien year equal to 3 human years?

MAX: Youíve thought about this a lot, havenít you?

LIZ: Kind of.

MAX: Well, we know we came out of the pods in 1989. We just donít know how long we were there. When we came out we looked like 6 year olds.

LIZ: So were you like green?

MAX: Green?

LIZ: Before you took human form, were you 3 feet tall and green and slimy?

(laughs, embarrassed). You know, Iím very sorry for asking you that. Itís Mariaís question.

MAX: No, we just always looked like this. Except for the, uh, third eye.

(Max looks down at the ground as Liz casually looks over at him. Max then leans over as if to tie his shoelace and Liz leans forward staring at the back of Maxís head. Max peeks over and sees Liz looking at his head.) Kidding!

LIZ: Yeah, I knew you were kidding. (Laughs and playfully shoves him.) Youíre such a jerk!

LIZ: So uh, you really have no idea where youíre from, like what planet, or who your people are besides Michael and Isabel?

MAX: No idea.

LIZ: Well, that must be kind of freeing in a way.

MAX: Freeing?

LIZ: Um, well just with me, you know, my parents own the Crashdown, so everyone in town knows who I am. Like, if I so much as get a haircut, everyone seems to notice, and they have to give me their opinion on it. It kind of makes life claustrophobic. Itís like, you know, how am I ever supposed to become whoever it is that Iím gonna become while everyone is looking? You know? Sometimes I wish I could just be invisible.

MAX: Sometimes I wish I didnít have to be so invisible.

(They hear Topolsky enter her office, and they turn to look through the grate.)

TOPOLSKY: OK, I looked though all of them, and this is where I wanted to start.

UNKNOWN MAN: Michael Guerin. Have you interviewed him yet?

TOPOLSKY: He hasnít set foot in school since Iíve been here. But if Muhammed doesnít come to the mountain...

UNKNOWN MAN: Do you want me to go talk to him?

TOPOLSKY: No, Iíll do it. Just check and make sure the address is correct.

UNKNOWN MAN: You got it.

(Max and Liz pull up in front of the Crashdown Café. Michael approaches Max.).

MAX: (to Liz) Five minutes.

LIZ: Right

(Liz goes into the café.)

MAX: Michael, somethingís up.

MICHAEL: Theyíre taking things out of the Sheriffís office.

MAX: What?

MICHAEL: I donít know. Some guys in suits. So we gotta get in there. Itís now or never, Max.

(In the Crashdown Café)

MARIA: (To customer) You know, Iíd steer you to this side of the menu. (Sees Liz enter.) Oh excuse me. (To Liz) Where have you been?

LIZ: I need you to cover for me.

MARIA: When?

LIZ: Tonight.

MARIA: Oh, no. It's a zoo.

CUSTOMER: Excuse me, Iíve been waiting for my hot fudge blast off for like 20 minutes.

MARIA: (Under her breath) Yeah, like you need 80 grams of fat. (to Liz) OK, so one trip to the eraser room and youíre like above working? Go get your uniform on, Madonna. The masses are demanding alien-themed, greasy food and by God, itís our job to serve it to them.

LIZ: No look, Maria, this is really important. I promise I will tell you everything later. Youíre the best, but right now Iíve gotta go.

(Alex stops Liz as sheís leaving.)

ALEX: OK, I want some answers, all right? Because first of all, there are rumors going around that last week you were shot here in the cafe. And then at the crash festival you (motions to Maria) were seemingly run over by a car, but then you werenít. And everytime I walk up to you two, you go silent or make up some ridiculous story about Czechoslovakia, which is a country that has not existed for 10 years. So I want the truth, and I want it now.

LIZ: Alex, the reason that we keep on changing the subject is...

MARIA: Cramps. We have cramps, Alex.

LIZ: Yeah, and we didnít even want to talk about it in front of you because we thought it would make you feel really uncomfortable.

MARIA: But if you want really want to know, we can tell you.

LIZ: In really excruciating detail.

ALEX: No! Iím eating. (He walks off.)

LIZ: (to Maria) Thank you.

(in the parking lot)

MAX: Michael, itís important to me, too.

MICHAEL: All you want to do is protect what you've got here in Roswell.

MAX: Thatís right, I do.

MICHAEL: Have you ever thought what itís like here for me, Max?

MAX: Of course I have. (They turn to see Liz waiting by Jeep)

MAX: Look, the woman who pulled your records, sheís on her way to your place.


MAX: Just stay away from there tonight. Isabel is waiting for you at our house. Just go there and wait.

MICHAEL: Wait for her to find me?

MAX: Donít do anything stupid. (Michael stalks off.)

(Kyle Valenti pulls up in front of the Crashdown as Liz and Max are leaving.)

KYLE: Liz!

(Kyle get into his car and follows them. Max and Liz pull up in front of the trailer park with Kyle not far behind.)

LIZ: So, how did you end up where you ended up, and Michael ended up here?

MAX: Itís a long story.

LIZ: Is his foster father always, um, so...

MAX: Tough? Yeah.

(Topolsky pulls up in front of Michael's trailer. Liz moves closer to Max in order to watch Topolsky. Kyle is visibly upset. Liz drops something.)

LIZ: My ring! (She bends over to pick it up.)

KYLE: Oh my God! Liz! Get up! Liz! (Gets out of car and heads over to the Jeep)

TOPOLSKY: (to Hank when he answers the door) Sorry to bother you. Iím looking for Michael.

KYLE: Liz!

LIZ: Kyle!

KYLE: Hey, Max.

MAX: (whispers) Hey, Kyle.

KYLE: What going on?

LIZ: (whispers) Nothing.

KYLE: Why are you whispering?

LIZ: (whispers) Weíre just, uh, waiting for Michael. Weíre gonna go, uh...

MAX: Bowl.

KYLE: Why are you whispering?

LIZ: (whispers) Weíre going bowling!

KYLE: Liz, what were you doing down there?

LIZ: (whispers) Oh, I dropped my ring.

KYLE: Why are you whispering?

TOPOLSKY: (to Hank) Why donít I give you my number. Could you have Michael call me?

KYLE: Bowling?

(Topolsky finishes talking to Hank and turns around to head for her car.)

MAX: Liz!

(Max ducks down and Kyle follows)

KYLE: What?

LIZ: Max!

KYLE: What are you doing?

(Topolsky hears Kyle and glances over. Kyle and Max are out of sight, but Topolsky sees Liz.)

(Michael goes to the Sheriffís station and looks up at the window.)

(Max is walking Liz from the car.)

MAX: Maybe when this all blows over, you and I could get lunch or something?

LIZ: Lunch?

MAX: Yeah, if you want.

LIZ: So, like in the Caf?

MAX: Sure.

LIZ: Okay, great. Itís a date--no! Itís not a date...itís a lunch.

MAX: Lunch... Right.

LIZ: I better get home.

MAX: Yeah, me too.

(Max notices Isabel waving for him come.)

MAX: Good night, Liz.

LIZ: Good night.

(Max approaches Isabel)

ISABEL: Michaelís AWOL.

(Michael uses his powers to open a locked window grate at the Sheriff's station, but overdoes it and nearly falls off. He slips into Valenti's office.)

(Max and Isabel are in the car headed toward Police Station)

ISABEL: You know the guy doesnít know how to control his powers.

MAX: I know.

(Max and Isabel see the window grate open and know Michael is there. Meanwhile, Michael goes through the Sheriffís files. Max and Isabel see Valenti pulling into the station.)

ISABEL: You get Michael out of there. Iíll keep Valenti out of his office as long as I can.

MAX: Right. (Inside the police station)

DEPUTY: Forget something?

VALENTI: Papers.

ISABEL: Sheriff? Iím so glad someoneís here. I have a flat tire, and I am so not mechanical.

DEPUTY: Sheriff. Youíre off duty, Sheriff. Iíd be happy to help the young lady out.

SHERIFF: Itís ok deputy. I've got it.

(Max climbs through the window as Michael finds the key Valenti hid in his thermos.)

MAX: Michael, letís go, now! Valentiís back! Letís go! Michael!

(As Michael picks up the key, he gets hit with a vision so intense that he falls backwards. Valenti, the deputy, and Isabel can hear his fall. Valenti tells Isabel to stay put and he and the deputy head upstairs toward his office.)

MAX: Letís go, letís go!

(Michael and Max exit the office and Max reseals the locked window. Both jump into a garbage dumpster before Valenti arrives. Seeing nothing in the office, he checks the window grate and finds it locked.)

MICHAEL: (As they climb out of the garbage dumpster) Told you it was no big deal.

(In front of the Police Station)

VALENTI: (After fixing the flat tire) There you go. Youíre all set Miss Evans.

ISABEL: Thanks, thanks a lot

VALENTI: Isabel, right?


VALENTI: Youíre out past the curfew.

ISABEL: Well, I had a flat tire.

VALENTI: Right. Whereís Max tonight?

ISABEL: Oh. I have no idea. Iím just his sister, not his keeper.

(In the jeep in front of Maxís trailer. Max reaches for the key and gets no vision. Isabel reaches for it and acts as if she has a vision.)

MICHAEL: What did you see?

ISABEL: Ricky Martin in the shower.

(Michael takes the key and walks toward his trailer. Max goes after him.)

MAX: Hey. (Michael turns.) Sorry about before. Maybe I donít really know what itís like for you.

MICHAEL: The thing I've realized is the fact that my life basically sucks is a good thing. Itís easier. We always have to be able to leave, pack a suitcase, go somewhere else. Maybe 10 years from now, maybe a week from now, maybe tomorrow. So my advice? Donít get in too deep, Maximillian. It only makes us weaker.

(Next day on the school grounds. LIZ is walking through the hallway. TOPOLSKY appears behind her)

TOPOLSKY: Miss Parker! I have some questions for you about Michael Guerin. Your friend Michael is in serious trouble. Iím not a substitute teacher. I saw you at Michaelís house last night. Iím the new guidance counselor.

LIZ: (murmuring) Guidance counselor.

TOPOLSKY: And Michael is a boy whoís in serious danger of being expelled from this school. If youíre really a friend, youíll talk to him. Youíll have him come in and meet with me. Soon. Are you with me Miss Parker?

LIZ: Iíll tell him.

TOPOLSKY: Thank you.

(As Topolsky walks away, Liz sees Kyle staring at her.)

VOICEOVER: Ever since I found out about Max and Michael and Isabel, Iíve been thinking a lot about secrets. That for everyone who has a secret, thereís someone else who needs to know what that secret is.

(Scene of Valenti discovering that the key is missing.)

How sometimes secrets keep people from feeling like they belong.

(Scene of Michael watching the Evans family play basketball together in their driveway) And sometimes secrets make you feel like you do belong.

(Scene of Liz and Max in the Eraser Room.)

And now even I, Liz Parker, the smallest of small town girls with the simplest of lives-- even I have something to hide.

(Liz finishes writing in her journal and then smiles.)